Dance class at the city beach

Here you learn your first steps or consolidate your already learned and that with a guaranteed holiday feeling!



Salsa, the most popular of all standard dances, attracts with its versatility and temperament. From New York to Cuba, salsa represents a wide variety of styles. Here you have the choice between a beginner and an advanced course. So there is something for everyone, be it a bloody beginner or a dancer-swinging pro. After the dance lesson you have the opportunity to skilfully put what you have learned into practice. The hot spots at the dream location are rare, so get in touch with Andi, your dance teacher and DJ immediately!

Lindy Hop

Lindy Hop, which is said to have received its name according to rumors by a newspaper headline, is nowadays rarely found but so decisively shaped by a whole decade that even today there is still great interest in this dance culture. Through various dance styles, from tap dancing to jazz, the Lindy Hop has drowned its right to exist and was the end of the 1920s as a precursor to the boogie-woogie. The American dance is great fun especially for two, so grab your partner and off you go!

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