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What to pay attention to?

number of persons

Unfortunately, as we have more than enough space, we can not accept reservations for a total of 25 people. If you plan to organize larger events, we can offer a wonderful holiday atmosphere on the city beach Würzburg with plenty of space and catering! If you have further questions, we are always at your disposal.

Timely reservation

It is important to us that you get the best possible service, so planning ahead of a bigger event is inevitable. Please also discuss certain plan changes with us, also by phone

Special entertainment

such as live music, DJ, show waiter, BBQ, children's entertainment and much more ... we are happy to organize for you. More information on the booking options is available on request. (Prices start here at 400 €)






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Most asked questions and answers

Live music or similar is only possible in absolute exceptional cases. For the most part, live bands can only be performed unamplified, which is also a matter of protecting the neighbors. For a "normal" background PA is taken care of, music comes in a colorful beach mix from tape.

The city beach is located in a public area and part of the permit is at any time to grant a free passage.

Of course, reserving parts of the beach is already possible. Remember, if you like your summer party. planning in which, for example, it is talked about internally, that we are outdoors and can listen to others. There are no separate rooms.

Please keep in mind that you are celebrating on a beach. Of course, we will gladly decorate your event exactly according to your wishes.

However, covered round plates with at least 10 pieces of cutlery per place, an armada of glasses and a flower decoration with which you can open your own nursery do not really fit into a party in a beach bar.

First and foremost, we are a restaurant and live from the sale of food and drinks, so bringing your own drinks and food is not allowed. 

Beverages are charged according to consumption. For events from 25 persons we also offer advantageous drinks packages. You are welcome to receive them on request.

If you are worried about your budget, we recommend creating your own small drinks menu, which will simply omit expensive wines, schnapps or the like.

You will find our drinks list in the appendix.

We decorate beach typical with table runners and shells, table rows are usually put together. In combination with a barbecue buffet, this is especially sociable.

Here is the complete FAQ list as PDF - download now

Here is the complete one Drinks & Menu - Download Now