Late with your present? No problem!

Who does not know, it's too late to get the presents and the day X has come. Stupid. Luckily we have the possibility here that you can download the present at the push of a button. Now you just have to print out your selected vouchers, label them and put them in an envelope. 
Your gift is ready!

ordering Process

After paying via PayPal, you will automatically redirected to a page where the voucher is listed. 
There you just have to click on this coupon and you already have it in your download folder!

Choose your coupon

Great for snacks & spritz

in the value of
  • Discover your new favorite snacks
  • Try our new Lillet Wildberry

Ideal for our new sandwiches

in the value of
  • To try our new sandwiches
  • And plenty of Bayreuth bright

Perfect for a couple

in the value of
  • Perfect gift for two
  • Candle light dinner on the beach
  • Treat yourself to a bottle of wine

* (The description above is just a suggestion on how to use your voucher, but of course you are allowed to use it completely free of charge.) If your balance is not used up completely, the new balance will be added to your voucher .)