The history

Ein Strand mitten in der Stadt - Die Idee ist nicht brandneu aber immernoch gut! Wie kam es dazu?

Was formerly the recreational area No. 1 for the citizens of Würzburg, has gradually fallen into oblivion for many. Our wave pool would like to remedy this situation and redefine life on the river for the 21st century. Historical wave pool around 1900 aD

Admittedly, the idea of a city beach called "Wellenbad" in the immediate vicinity of the Löwenbrücke is not new. Because the Würzburger wave pool was there before: above said bridge could splash around 1900 opposite the main island in "Hügels-Bad".

The official municipal swimming pool was at the same time a military swimming school and served for the physical training of the soldiers stationed in Würzburg.

Forerunner of the Dallenbergbad

In the city there were other forerunners of the Dallenbergbad. The most well-known: Braun's men's and ladies' bath opposite the hotel "Zum Schwanen" (later Brod's ladies bath), down the river "Scheuer's Wellenbad" and a little further on the bathhouse of "Brod & Mehling" near the Friedensbrücke.

Pure relaxation - with nature right outside the door. After a walk in the green of the ring park, the city beach invites you to relax

Even though the sea of rubble has given way to a vibrant city, relaxing is still required today. With us you can take a small (or larger!) Time out: during the lunch break, between two lectures or "after work" until late in the evening.
Welcome us, enjoy the beautiful weather, stretch your feet in the sand and relax as if on vacation. No traffic jams, no bleak hotel castles - and, above all, almost at your doorstep!
Especially shortly after the war, a large part of urban life took place on the Main. The Würzburgers fled here from the sea of rubble to relax after their daily work of reconstruction.